Two More Days!

So it’s been three weeks since my last post and geez louise they went FAST! It’s pretty crazy to think that I will be flying off to South Korea on Monday… and still not know my exact placement location, or the age group I’ll be working with. Quite strange, but that’s life (and the way EPIK operates).

My last three weeks have been quite hectic, I finally had to buckle down and finish my TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Course, got my visa, bought my plane tickets, booked a room in a hostel with a couple of girls I met via facebook who both seem very nice, had my going away party, celebrated Rosh Hashanah, and squeezed in a million errands and phone calls in between…. oy, I’m tired just listing it! And I still feel like I have so much more left to do! Whaa?

It’s been a slow roller coaster so far… most of the time I feel overwhelmed and stressed about what I need to get done… so the anticipation, anxiety, and full blown excitement has not settled its way into my flesh and bones quite yet… but then there’s moments where I’m just like “What the hell am I doing?” and then I shrug it off and move on, because if I don’t get a move on it, I won’t be doing anything. I’ll admit, my most emotional day was the day following my going away party… I felt so blessed, loved, and supported by so many people I started to wonder why I’m letting all of that go? (Thanks to all who came by the way, I had a lot of fun and hope you did too!)

But alas, it’s not about what I have here… it’s about what’s out there… and I’m ready to go find out for myself. I still have quite a bit of packing and errands to do and I think only once I’ve stepped on the plane in San Francisco and am on my way to Korea will it officially sink in and I’ll possibly have a mini-panic attack… haha…. ha?

I will definitely post once I’m settled and update everyone on where I’m living, who I’m teaching, what the weather is like and anything else you would like to know!

Here’s a song that really resonated with me my one super emotional day that I had regarding this whole experience so far. Yep, it’s called “Breakdown,” how fitting.

There are two versions and I like them both, so I’ll post them both. First one is the original by Jack Johnson, and the second is featuring Handsome Boy Modeling School.

There are many things I will miss, but I will mostly miss people. Please do keep in touch, I’d love to hear from any of you any time! :)

About mshahar6

I'm 25 years old, graduated from UCSB with a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in Education and Applied Psychology. I was working as a Behavior Interventionist for the last 4 years and decided to do something completely out of my comfort zone and teach English in South Korea for a year! I thought it'd be fun to document my experience, travels, growth, and keep my friends and family in the loop with this blog. Who know where this adventure may lead me?
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